How to choose a monitor for your gamer kid

acer-predator-z35Like most parents knows gaming is a big part of their kids’ life. Meaning during the holidays they will look for the best games to play. With that in mind, many parents don’t realise that the screen their children use is one of the most important parts of the computer and choosing the best gaming monitor means the difference between literal headaches and happy gamers. I will cover some of the aspects of gaming that you should consider when choosing a gaming monitor. In the meantime, you should pay eSportSource a visit as they cover everything you need to know about buying the best gaming monitor for your loved one!

  1. Price is, of course, the biggest concern. A monitor built for gaming doesn’t have to cost the earth, there are hundreds of perfectly good monitors in the budget gamer category.
  2. Technology… Does you kid prefer great looking graphics or do they prefer fast-paced games where the graphics don’t matter as much? Basically, a IPS monitor is for those that really want the best graphics and TN is for gamers that really do need a fast paced screen.
  3. Size. The size of the screen should be either 24 inches or 27 inches with a 1080p or 1440p resolution respectively. Anything that differs and you are playing a risk game (pardon the pun)
  4. 4K is the next generation of high-resolution screens. This is general not something that you should consider for a young child but if your buying for a teenager or your child is in their twenties then 4K may well be an option.

Regardless of what you choose just make sure it’s in your budget and you get a massive thank you from your gamer kid 🙂 You might even have enough for the best SSD for gaming as well!

Happy Gaming!


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